Just got back from a few days in New York, which is always an adventure.  The flight in was delayed for three hours because of bad weather, so we just sat on the tarmac in LAX and I slept the whole time.  I have the uncanny ability (or superpower) of being able to buckle my seatbelt and then promptly fall asleep on any airplane, for the duration of the trip.  It's the closest I come to time travel:  I buckle up, I'm in LA; I open my eyes, we're in New York.  It's great! 

When I finally arrived in New York and got to my hotel, the skies opened up and a massive thunderstorm shook the city.  Booming thunder and streaks of lightening above the skyline were an awesome spectacle to behold.

While I was under the weather and maintaining a work schedule, it did not escape me that the next couple of days were simply beautiful.  The weather played nice and it seemed like the whole city was out enjoying it.  I walked past Bryant Park on Tuesday and did a double-take:  a group of men in suits were juggling bowling pins at the entrance of the park, so I made a quick detour to take a closer look and snapped this picture.  The photo doesn't do the scene justice, as this was one of the largest gatherings I've seen in the city so far.

Bryant Park New York - June 2013.jpg
AuthorMarc Moorghen