After 15 years of managing websites, for fun or for work, I finally decided that my worlds and interests needed to converge.  When I first started working, in the late 90's, being creative was frowned upon if one was not a full-time artist.  I hid the fact that I loved music, film, photography, technology, and the written word, because there was no official intersection with my day job.  Ironic, since my chosen profession was communication.  I felt conflicted about it, but there was no alternative, apart from joining the ranks of starving artists.  I didn't feel strongly enough about art to starve, having really been hungry in the past, and this day/night duality actually worked for me for a number of years.

With the explosion of technology in all facets of our daily lives, people have gradually created a wonderful chaos, where art forms converge and creation is more democratic than ever.  I still remember the sheer joy I felt when I first encountered the internet in a physics lab.  I'd read about it in a computer magazine (the humor is not lost upon me) and it was even better in reality.  It took forever, but I could read more information about the Beastie Boys and the Nine Inch Nails than the monthly magazines could ever tell me.  Suddenly, song lyrics started to make sense:  one of the underrated benefits of the internet is the ability to cross-reference with great speed.  I discovered new books, other artists, obscure films, images, sounds and schools of thought.

Now, more than ever, it's important to share our stories and our thoughts, so we can build meaning in the midst of chaos.  In an age where platforms and applications rule the day, content is finding its rightful place.

I'm proud of my ability to organize and manage complex projects, and I'm equally proud of my ability to string together a song, capture a moment in time on film, tell a story with a few well-chosen words, and imagine a situation that doesn't yet exist.  This is what adds dimensions to my life and I hope you will find something in these pages that will appeal to your passions.  None of this would be possible without the inspiration I find in people I meet in the most unlikely of places.  We all have our place in this world.

AuthorMarc Moorghen